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my tuesday. from world leaders from fifty three countries are in the right to discuss global due to their security issues agenda that is being overshadowed by the crisis in ukraine in opening remarks. un chief ban ki moon warned delegates that the credibility of richardson's to ukraine during its week that the solomons nineteen ninety four had been seriously undermined by recent events the sidelines. us president barack obama myth of the g seven allies to urge them to crank up diplomatic pressure on russia poland putin's decision to invade and annex
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the crimean peninsula. he told reporters the eu and us are united in opposing the cost of russia western officials are concerned the car in the military division nice spread to other parts of ukraine. meanwhile russian foreign minister sergei lavrov to smith as his counterpart for the first time to discuss recent developments. most russian state television received twenty four has journey an interview in the comments that are sure to enrage the jewish community across europe and the aunts post to abilene as it comes to other suggested that run the holocaust on themselves the company i was interviewing hawkish right there. alexander koch on the pro qantas to get that european jewish organizations that support the new government in ukraine are bringing a second holocaust on themselves. it comes to interject insane and it wouldn't be the first time and choose products either
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since russian ukrainian at the beginning of this month russian state tv has continually broadcast and at times even supported the kremlin's justification for mixing the peninsula from ukraine. namely that russia needs to protect russians and the new ukrainian government of fascists and anti semite is by its leading jewish organizations in ukraine repeatedly said it is used only protection and i'm not being persecuted. america's special envoy for contacting antisemitism era for me to question statements on anti semitism are not. i the one day and more. they thought that any of that simulate different from that. it symbolizes our joint endeavors to work towards a world feel to spend a few tears. he shows up for prom fourth of july c to eighteen as the integrity of the upn
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the preparations begin. kids a peaceful solution. do you agree to a budget. though yawn i. the just two weeks ago to sixteen thousand sailors and soldiers am and the marines from sixteen countries took part in an age that batsmen or treat trail
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in northern norway made to the russian border. it was one of the biggest light exercises in europe this year five channels. speedboats the seats targets. what subjects. traveling hundreds of feet is the second deployed anti missile plans despite the complexities of the drill trees from around the world at the time one more exercise taking pictures of themselves. so what does one off to take sophia's themselves inspired by the success of the record breaking photo taken at the academy awards ceremony by crist and the generous which became the my shed message on twitter at. some of a token to keep him in a tree offices place of f sixteen pilot with a good view out the window at the soldier didn't get into in the cold weather so much the collection has become a viral hits on with the histogram and facebook
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as you. he said the excitement the architects of knowing the son of former associates of osama bin laden or saddam remorse for their actions by state. of course you might get damaged the adult sites economy haunting they continue to believe that this type. in the rollicking some one time i might buy so i'll create a self professed small smile and tell each icon hundred right to respond and the taliban leadership he said he was a little faulty client was our clay does cost to the american . i've been caught out he was captured last year in jordan and now it's time for trial at manhattan federal court described in the towel hour just now was off to the knowing eleven attacks he was summoned all i can log in to his mountain of light comes on at least it was the mouthpiece of the territory last month in arkansas in the al qaeda leader of sorts deliver a message which he believed in and just thought the attacks citing like i miss the results of the oppression
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of the fellow muslims the first tiny leak three weeks anti government protesters have taken to the streets of bangkok although smaller than previous demonstrations organizers say this rally is aimed to garner more support ahead of a planned a major rally this weekend which will call for political reform before the next general election. thailand's constitutional court recently ruled that the general election which took place last month was invalid due to the fact that not all bolton was held in the same day many see this is an opportunity to push for broader reform the constitution that has not been amended since two thousand and seven the protesters who call themselves the people's democratic reform committee when the thai government to make way for one on the left the committee that will bring about as yet unspecified reforms. i think what the courts. has it all she
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needs. which will record the second time the protesters as tools of the opposition democratic party which is not one general election since nineteen ninety two he returned to marching to rising tension in time and the use of violence rising at the world cup in which it moved in with a mass rally for the fifth of april the white house twenty four veterans of world war two with the vietnam war and the korean war ii receiving the medal of honor america's top prize for valor. many of the recipient or a tuition is an ache or african american backgrounds and their long awaited recognition comes after years of fighting against the historic discrimination in awarding the medal of honor any of these marine batteries have since passed away and her family and friends will accept the honors from
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president obama and the pentagon under me the presidents and it's important that the army back to chinese passed over sites no nation is perfect right here in america we confront our imperfections and face the sometimes painful past including the truth that some of these soldiers fought and died for a country that is not always see them as a private first class to enter credits was one such soldier whose bravery in aston lovely helped america's cries but like many of his hispanic and african american comments this prevented his country from giving duke when it's something that was clear to his childhood friend michele's game. well i came to the conclusion that luther. however things changed for them. added to its supporters spent over fifty years championing their loved ones cries and their
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determination leg to the medal of honor ceremony today. mitchell. a friend of one of the soldiers an army vet himself set out on a mission. pianos wife marilyn spent years writing letters and working with congress and our military to get this done obama said. this was a very difficult thing to do with it too much. it was the only thing good. you heard that the sentinel ideas about something we can do over. we can't do it next week. i stood up on him and said can we give to you. mr cricket season and he'll rock star lenny kravitz who is named after him and the snoring when i attended the ceremony this is an amazing time for my family. to be insists it
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has been rewarded for what he did it and acknowledged for what it is sunny honorees felt the need to change their names during a war is to hide their backgrounds but to name their true identities and accomplishments are celebrated and family and friends couldn't be prouder on the back of bus tour for j unwind in washington the two. at least four people hooked on it and scores have been injured up to two years to come and i can find strength but it's a packed church congregation near the kenyan coastal city of mombasa but expensive bibles and stream plastic chairs across the church's school in the office most of the attack mumbai says main hospital was flooded with men women and children requiring treatment the grip this i proclaim this possibility the incident has been
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labelled a attack. local police chief said the gum and walk home with portsmouth's equipments. judging by the high number of permits cartridges. the attack has also tried to a second chechnya plight but fled when armed police on patrol in the neighborhood to pay the latest violence comes at a time of heightened warnings of both the islamist terror attacks militant group al hsu baptist st responsibility for a series of attacks claiming better in retaliation for ten years intervention in somalia which started in two thousand and eleven the most notable attack last september when at least sixty seven people were killed up to militants stormed by brett's westgate mall. the four day siege at the heart of israeli irons complex of what was described as the worst act of terrorism in kenya since the us embassy bombing in nineteen ninety eight. one alleged member of al sheba is samantha lee quite the opposite of what we did. she is one of the world's most wanted terrorism suspects but remains at large the indian
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ocean coast tension. high among young muslims who claimed that security forces have been heavy handed in a crackdown on the recruitment of crime forces has been home since it's the mosque would be a puppet of indoctrination. last month armed police nor the massive rate target in what they called convention but the one hundred people well rested. i mean it doesn't seem old to non stick mean eta me is to not chase in the uk. it aims at cooks making hundred thousand jewish people and twenty sample based in the area. if israel is an abc at what impact if the donor community jen wanted to point out the allows people to the real case that knowledge after going ten years and counting until close to three hundred and fifty thousand
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pounds. maybe i can at the beginning of the weekly inspections are carried out by the time tested that day the glacial necessities of emails go to pick it up to make sure it's going to go though but treat me to utah the week by week basis the way i've been taking note of it. one of its kind as to the side of the person ahead of us. though i wished to add a toss between the two bands the thirty one of the challenges of the aid of babble on expenses and tokyo are told without making you not told it is likely to detect all there is considerable support from the ivory snow caught in an effort by the members of the twitter community. to maintain that they wish to live their lives to put the lesbians to state because of constant debate it's been a major city that is the controversial into a jewish school bus all the single necessarily the opinion of all views with
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the judicial committee for human that is being constructed them about the witches but the details of its budget according to the majority of opinions the sable believe the size of budget to give them the problem. people like tools great. i need politicians to nine hundred and one shows now attend show with his crown and rate increases when you coach a team to hunt again not including couldn't do before the us. should he care. in its decision to go the commune. problems. she was open. you can determine and then. they can be sure to read and what impact you think that danny has had on the tv screen tv in me and besides i know. prescription program going. ten years or
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so times. next year it ended i began to teach. i have read the community will bring american troops that the area increasing the number of people to carry the hearing and then insisted that i didn't say that will soon changed when i insisted to me auntie amy with the neighboring by phil davies. dino and added a gem won in manchester . mm cleveland police to clamp down on corruption has received compensation. gold and five millions dollars in cash during a three to the apartment including former energy minister and white students keep up. ex minister an ally of ex president viktor yanukovich
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flight to italy agreed to increase can come to the cites meeting the substantial amount of money and cold in his apartment. ukraine accident in his eye center back and instead shocked and to think that if these scientists and inventors pocket money he got home. this team the team the energy minister and as deep as the candidate eligible in two thousand wild card and typically carries inner circle. you can eat buffet included another ship to sell its chief executive of state energy company announced it guys you can occur in a sprite investigation into corruption cos the korean struggling economy nearly four billion us dollars. bbb to rule and came down with pneumonia after being born bias assyrian section. this indeed is new has improved enough to be introduced to the dressing room a trooper. the baby girl was born in march their teeth
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after its eighteen year old mother went into labor at the zoo but was unable to deliver on her own she was treated for pneumonia and also suffered a collapsed lung which doctors re inflated. two keepers now feel confident enough to arrange meeting grieves for her in the adult gorillas in the troupe the very exciting day here at the senator's is by far and i stuffed all content of it is hoped to release her from the hospital and this morning we brought her back to the house where she started his own productions to be true the baby is an endangered western lowland gorilla she weighed in at four point six pounds on delivery and has not yet been named cheese to seventy people aboard the sydney zoo safari park the park is okay to relax including the new baby canada's prime minister has told kristin two teams stationed to integrate by me and makes it from ukraine could get green light to other nations to arm themselves to the teeth. top
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but it's the first g seven leaders to visit kiev since pri russian president of atm in kind which was ousted from power last month. all of us who desire peace and stability in the world much racket. that the consequences of these actions will be felt far beyond the borders of ukraine. or even the european continent itself. during a joint news conference ukraine's acting prime minister abbas in the yeltsin years said that the kremlin's actions on the mind of what he recognized international treaty which was prevents the spread of nuclear weapons and ink artist disarmament let me remind you that in nineteen ninety four my country and abandoned by its three wheel. the nuclear weapon. this time we both lived was asked this service he has a nuclear arsenal in the world. his hair. one of the signatures of these not the troops. memorable. he
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invaded my country. violating international law. violated by elites in multilateral and bilateral deals. and they're showing items in my name the entire global nuclear nonproliferation says. x does argue that the treaty on the norm liberation of new kitten weapons has been weakened since russian aggression began. ukrainians that nobody is giving up the new catacombs in nineteen ninety four was a mistake adding that if they have to know the russian incursion wouldn't have occurred as the us continues to britain but the sanctions on russia officials from both countries have been quick to emphasize that cooperation on iran seeking a program of destruction of serious chemical weapons is still on track. however the us in these responses to the crisis in crimea of widely perceived as an effective with countries like north korea and china said to have more leverage against the west in the future. still no walks
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and has written to me keep going with stints with the starring role in the eclectic know of the movie which is pretty controversial in the islamic world a rich depiction of the prophet noah has been found in the north have emirates and bahrain. leading stall russell crowe and has defended the film while jewish director darren arnold's he has said that no wilson controversial and that whatever religion you all know it belongs to everyone hollywood stalwarts and has also defended the biblical tales pics reduction. i think it would be taxed as always artistic license only thinking of someone specific interpretation of that and i think it has reached the prisons to house with the very mindful he didn't take the top lightly. and it's a very nice piece and i
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think it is very true to this parent and ears all the story. the tailor from the work is never just execute days in christianity and islam. while the film received some criticism from and christians over to the seduction of the bible story because enraged customers the morrow. noah which customs and thirty million dollars to make is being released in the us among twenty eight the eye once a month that the palestinian kids make their way over from nablus in the palestinian territories and it is around. at the same time israeli children arrived at the same destination. so the two groups can play and interact using the international and rates of soccer. these were typically he's one of many other predicted that led to
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the base is the thing leads to clean the filter schools to keep them in the one in the nick of course and one is jewish. wind increasing to rain always makes me melt one and didn't either the plaintiff did there the idea was that dan was born i became fodder for each team is in and he leads inside israel. when his light conditions was to gather children from both sides to play and connections kids no matter where they come from i just wanted his money because we are getting the children of the chinese to me is that human beings barrichello not talk to each other to me i didn't apply for. the source of the puzzle of the likes of soap the child the amendment of the other side and a different kind of cool things
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the event. the in my compound it is a last chance to play windsor st to as fair play and tease you with the kids make their own rules. it's pushing them to communicate and find common land during the training victory in the inning and then we gave it a learning that under a court trial scene. what's he trying to do when we bring them all together once per month. these dictate what day it should be an a and informed these in the filter and when the student tried to stay with us and they say the things that are of limited korean people and it's dangerous to trying to score a goal they show i've ever read the oath just extended to include two people can bring peace the town. he's eleven years
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old. he comes to studying and completing the team hernandez and was afraid for us that they wouldn't understand me and then with time it became easier and it's fun to get to ninety people in the dead. a man killed in the star today both of the teams coming week looks of mimicking the shoes and did so because they never met either side. but when they actually meet each other and they need to cross the ball to school to be fine though and actually they found instead of releasing them. and when we add to the youth culture. these can be found both of them let's do it. canadian police station and is likely to be more than likely going to lie there in the kitchen me from the authorities. the mother isn't defending routine. he takes his friends three hours to arrive from two thousand and ten minutes. the river
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crossing over to the field during his reign. he says he loves every day. a mistrial he takes it all into a rolling pin and it's difficult but once we became my guts out to something else the language of people. when we are on the court to get some of the kids really know it when we tied together when we don't want see you apply for the site. i'm a mom of that. do some clearance and downs hesitated about the initiative. those who chose to break the fifty feel it is an educational experience for their children my son likes to hang out with that with people he doesn't know just in general and happy life on the wane with the honesty and pizza and the chance to see them leave them who knows them maybe if we had distanced
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from the business. intuition employees as human beings have pumped into the land the book of job that would most like to listen the front and eighty one percent of children. this unfortunately. reno a practice that most any team to enter into nablus and it's in the utilities. these release apprehended and financing the palestinian territory. and so continuation of the newly founded friendships the police and social media platforms. a smooth hard and he's a great opportunity and there and ate a peanut and really everything you just need to follow these and the alliance for everything because it really either like that. but here the idea is a journey to open the eyes of the keep and showed him the pilfered from the other side window to a debate that should be believed. in the future and it can be friends. everybody feet in the palestinian territory
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the feet thing. i'm terrible for our neighbors here in the end and to dr has long been believed and why is it going to school to do things on the foreshore to live with a change in who and the boys a sign of oakland has finally ended and i've begun to settle into society. it's the only hope for them routinely uses energy is. eye. rule. i do. rudy. do. to
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me. we are. you do. will the poor. sch the poll. as
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usually . he was due to
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countries in five international musicians gathered in the heat for the nuclear security summit mention of nuclear terrorism by releasing stockpiles of hazzard is reactive substances strengthening the protection of these facilities and boosting international cooperation be the main topics of the summit the nuclear security summit is being held to two thousand and ten detainees to the united states. the grainy team will be the third one the first international forum was held in two thousand and ten in washington the second one took place in seoul two years we can. president of catholics and most about is the right has arrived in the netherlands in an official visit to take


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